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Pointfuse V2

Free Trial

The one-button solution for rapidly converting huge point clouds to accurate, textured vector models.

What is Pointfuse?

Pointfuse converts point clouds to vector models in minutes. Pointfuse is fully automatic, astonishingly fast, accurate and repeatable. It will revolutionize your scan-to-CAD workflow. Vector models have a far smaller memory footprint than the original point data, so need less computing power to visualize and manipulate, and contain richer geometrical properties than point clouds. Pointfuse is available now from the Get page.

Automatically generated
3D models

Import point clouds from any source and visualize as 3D solid models in minutes. Compatible with: Autodesk, Bentley, Solidworks, Rhino and Blender.

2D plans, elevations
and sections

Apply Pointfuse’s 2D tools to create plans, elevations and sections for export into project documents.

Easily select geometry
from converted models

Unlike meshing techniques the vector geometries produced by Pointfuse V2 are separated along breaklines for editing in third party software.

Real. Simple. Sure.

The vector model below was generated from a point cloud of 150 million points and took 10 minutes to convert.

You can see more examples of point clouds converted to models using Pointfuse software in the Gallery page.


Key Features:

• Converts any point cloud from any source to vector geometries
• The one-button solution, it’s fully automatic
• Models are made up of discrete, selectable surfaces



Pointfuse for Arena4D:

As well as a standalone software, Pointfuse is also available as a plugin for Arena4D, click the image below to get more info.

Try Pointfuse

Now you know what Pointfuse can do, download a free 30-day trial here to get started.

Also, see the User Guide and FAQ to make the most of your trial and get up to speed.


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