Pointfuse Change Log


Release Date



09 March 2017
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Improved Stability.
  • Improved Cropping Tool


09 January 2017
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Improved Stability.
  • Optimised texture generation.
  • Initialisation Bug Fixed.
  • Updated FARO Library
  • Fixed Windows 10 Graphics Error


7 October 2016
  • Different layers NEW Structured Surfaces (like a mesh).
  • Export to Filmbox (FBX), StereoLithography (STL) and SketchUp (SKP).
  • Measure polylines and polygons (as well as lines).
  • Keyboard controls for selection cuboid/plane.
  • UI enhancements including icons, batch and edit dialogs, and color scheme.


3 December 2015
  • Bug fixes.
  • Ortho image of point clouds can be orthogonal distance.
  • Edit tool dialogs redesigned.


15 October 2015
  • Auto check for software updates.
  • Watermarks when Pointfuse is unlicensed.


2 October 2015
  • Re-engineered point cloud engine to display and crop huge point clouds before converting to vector models. Uses new POF file format.
  • Tabbed viewport, for multiple views, each with different view settings etc.
  • Select a surface, rather than the whole model, when cropping or creating ortho images.
  • Measure size/distance on vector model or point cloud.
  • Lock the selection cuboid/plane in selected dimensions.
  • Export textures: enhancements and fixes.


5 June 2015
  • Colour vector model surfaces by texture (RGB colour, intensity).
  • Put multiple point clouds in a scan folder.
  • Generate surfaces from any point cloud in any scan folder, via a new selection dialog.
  • Create 2D scaled orthographic images of point clouds and vector models.
  • Create multiple sections at specified intervals, from a single dialog.
  • Crop and ortho images: the results can be projected on the faces of the selection cuboid.
  • Screenshot tool, with a choice of output formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF.
  • E57 and DP (Dot Product) file imports, and new proprietary file vector file format, PVF.
  • Additional export formats: to DAE (COLLADA) and OBJ (Wavefront).
  • New vector model attributes shown in Properties window (where known), including Creation Date, and Surface Attributes of standard deviation and number of points.
  • Improved controls for adjusting intensity settings of point clouds.
  • New folders added to Project Explorer: Ortho Images and Screenshots.
  • UI improvements, including edit tool dialogs and New Project wizard.


21 November 2014
  • Activation wizard added.
  • Batch Exporting option added to Batch Processing.
  • UI/usability improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


3 November 2014
  • Fixed handling of FARO project files (FWS files).
  • Minor bug fixes.


3 October 2014
  • Initial release.