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PointFuse converts any point cloud data into 3D models

Making reality capture an integrated part of your digital workflow TRIAL POINTFUSE
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PointFuse powered by Jetstream enables you to simplify your BIM workflow

The fastest and easiest way to deliver Scan to BIM in the same ecosystem through our partnership with Leica Geosystems TRIAL POINTFUSE Leica Geosystems

Enjoy fast delivery and seamless collaboration when sharing project data

Publish as-built mesh models directly to platforms such as Procore or Autodesk Construction Cloud with PointFuse TRIAL POINTFUSE Procore Autodesk

Visualize your data quickly with the new PointFuse ReVue

Automatic meshing provides high-quality textures that enable you to visualize and collaborate your data quickly. TRIAL POINTFUSE

PointFuse is an integral part of any digital workflow. The conversion of point cloud data into easy-to-use segmented 3D mesh models is an essential part of an integrated workflow utilizing reality capture data to facilitate better decision making across projects and industries.

Point cloud meshing software to enhance your reality capture workflows.

PointFuse automatically generates intelligent mesh models, allowing you to share large amounts of captured data quickly by reducing point cloud file sizes by up to 90%, providing faster transitions and ease of sharing across the project team.
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Leading industry technology solution delivering fast and measurable results when converting point cloud to mesh

70% faster delivery of as-built models

Produce high quality 3D models from any point cloud, both scale and source

Reduction of file size by up to 90%

Publish to leading cloud collaboration software for Digital Twin

Visualize, Coordinate and Collaborate, a proven process to generate industry standard 3D model deliverables from your reality capture data

Workflow Typical Visualization Workflow

Customised Visualization

Use PointFuse’s  mesh model creation tools to automatically create 3D model deliverables for visualization and virtual reality applications. Generate an accurate representation of the required as-built asset/scene by removing unwanted objects and generating high quality textures from the RGB data contained within the captured data.

A significant reduction in file sizes when compared with the source data enhances the visualisation experience in VR applications by minimizing the risk of data latency in the viewing experience.

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Cross Platform Coordination

PointFuse classified mesh models can be used within cloud collaboration platforms such as Autodesk construction cloud and Procore BIM. The intelligent mesh model deliverables optimize user interaction across management teams promoting better decision making through the democratization of current information.
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Workflow Typical Coordination Workflow

Workflow Typical Collaboration Workflow

Collaboration with confidence

PointFuse gives you the confidence to make better design decisions by introducing reality capture into your design review and coordination processes. PointFuse point cloud to mesh software produces quick, accurate and easy to understand, intelligent mesh models that you can share securely across the whole project team.
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Space Creator™

The Space Creator™ module produces 2D and 3D content to LOD200 and is the perfect companion to SLAM based scanning technology. Outputs can be created as quickly as the areas can be scanned. Automatically converting classified mesh walls, windows and doors into ‘family’ groups for use with popular downstream FM software. Allowing for a better understanding and management of the spaces you operate.

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Digital Twin Development

One of the key cornerstones of Industry 4.0 is the Digital Twin: the virtual copy, or twin, of a physical asset. Digital Twins store various types of data about the respective physical assets, from CAD designs and optimal performance parameters to maintenance reports and real-time data collected by IoT sensors. A feature within PointFuse is that is allows the automatic creation of accurate geometry of an entire site. It models everything, so when there are no existing plans it is a way of creating a new model without the prohibitive time and cost constraints of producing a full scale 3D BIM model. 

PointFuse provides a benefit that grows exponentially with the scale of the solution, from a single asset to an entire estate of assets. Its intelligent mesh structure can be classified and exported to third party digital twin software and GIS platforms where the model can be populated with additional information where needed.

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