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Discover how easy it is to convert point clouds into manageable, easily shared, intelligent, as-built mesh models as well as the Space Creator Module.
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PointFuse's latest product is configured for Leica scanners providing a scan-2-BIM workflow within the Leica JetStream environment.
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Space Creator

A new module included within Pointfuse Pro

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Automate the conversion of key features such as walls, doors, and windows to BIM LOD200 objects, delivering fast results.
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PointFuse – An Intelligent Point Cloud Software

PointFuse point cloud to mesh software enables you to create intelligent mesh models of any environment from point cloud mapping data that can be incorporated into Digital Construction workflows, imported into gaming environments for use with VR, or used to created LOD200 BIM models for space and facilities management users. All of this delivered as small, easily shareable files.

Why PointFuse?

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  • Our point cloud software produces unique mesh models, comprised of discreet, selectable surfaces, permitting easy manipulation and classification.
  • Eliminates significant bottlenecks and subjectivity, producing consistent, accurate results.
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Fast model creation

  • Convert walls, doors and windows into parametric LOD200 BIM elements.
  • Compatible with industry BIM, CAD and CAFM software.
  • Realise real-time records for space-utilisation and optimization projects.
Small file size icon

Small file size

  • Converts point cloud data into as-built models that reduce the size of the project’s working data by a factor of up to 100.
  • Easy sharing of models for all project stakeholders.
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Ease of use

  • Provides a guided workflow.
  • No specialist knowledge required, resulting in a de-skilled and streamlined process.
  • Reduces time to delivery by around 70%.
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No third-party plug in

  • No dependency on other software systems.
  • Reduces costs and skill dependencies.

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Our point cloud meshing software has provided extensive benefits to a wide variety of industries. PointFuse is implemented across three key workflows.

Visualisation Image

1. Visualization

  • Non-specialists use PointFuse to automatically convert point cloud to mesh models optimized for VR//AR
  • PointFuse’s unique meshing process does not degrade texture images; leading to sharp, visually appealing models.
  • Reduces cost for generating virtual tours, that are easy to share across diverse project teams.
  • 2. Digital Construction

  • Generates quick classified as-built geometry for use at every stage of a project’s lifecycle.
  • Automated toolset converts reality capture data into IFC compliant BIM meshes.
  • Enables early clash detection, and effective workflow coordination and verification.
  • Digital Construction Output Square Image
    Space Creator Output Square Image

    3. Space Management

  • Helps users redesign existing space using a de-skilled easy to use process.
  • Automatically reports on room areas and dimensions, and frequency counts of doors and windows.
  • Data is easily exportable as IFC parameterized objects, floor plans and space management reports.
  • Who we work with

    PointFuse works in partnership around the world with innovators in construction, facility management and 3D visualization. We are proud of the role that PointFuse point cloud meshing software plays in unlocking the value of reality capture in their workflows and deliverables to customers and project teams. Here is selection of our clients, and partners.

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