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PointFuse is a leading software and digital solutions enabler. The optimisation and simplification of reality capture data is an essential and integrated part of your decision making process.

We are a progressive business with a mission to improve collaboration across project teams, to enable project to be delivered on time and on budget. We are driven by our strong belief in delivering impactful and lasting change for our clients and stakeholders by bringing them together to allow for better decision making

At PointFuse, we have designed a software platform to bridge the gap between data capture and data utilisation. PointFuse is a point cloud data to mesh software, that converts point cloud data into 3D models. We supply not only valuable resource but a vital technology role in major architecture, construction, infrastructure, engineering, manufacturing, heritage, leisure and many more big industry projects around the world.

Our Team

We are a motivated team that is constantly thinking about the future and challenging digital workflows and their widespread adoption across industries. Our mission is to build a better future and broaden
the capabilities of the digital built environment.

A history built on a team of technology specialists with a ground-breaking idea.

PointFuse was founded in 2011. Our ground-breaking digital construction software solution was designed to streamline and enhance the creation and use of mesh models across construction, infrastructure and facilities management. At the time, the benefits of working with reality capture technology was beginning to be recognised, but due to large file sizes, converting these to usable formats was a challenge for non-specialist users. A solution was needed that enabled all sources of point cloud data to be imported and intelligently converted into an easy-to-use data structure that could be easily manipulated and quickly accessed across project teams using third party authoring software.

This is where it became apparent that PointFuse was an essential platform for converting point cloud data into 3D models. We are now working and partnering with leading businesses within construction, infrastructure, design and facilities management around the world, transforming their projects and developing new capabilities needed to enable them to be more innovative, agile and staying one step ahead of the competition. Today, our team of pioneering technology specialists are continuing to develop our software platforms to offer fast, real-time solutions to build a better future.

Sustainable Growth

The widespread use of our technology reduces waste and time inefficiencies on client projects, as a result we have a responsibility for not just sustainable economic growth to protect our teams, but an obligation to sustainable environmental growth for the protection of our society and our planet. Which is why our software solutions enable better planning, management and operations of your projects across the globe.

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Investing in our people

To continue delivering exceptional customer service, our people need to reflect the communities we serve. At PointFuse we are committed to ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities and we treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect. Our people are our greatest investment and we are working to ensure we provide an inclusive workplace culture.

If there is anything better than the software itself, it is the service I received from the team at PointFuse.

Dennis Dixon
WZMH Architects

PointFuse ReVue

PointFuse ReVue is the gateway to optimal visualization and VR application of point cloud data. The automatic generation of high quality, high resolution textured mesh deliverables provides a rich user experience from solid surface deliverables at a fraction of the size of the source data. This minimizies the latency challenges usually experienced in VR applications and means that whole scenes can be viewed on browser applications giving complete context of the areas that have been scanned. Enhanced Stakeholder engagement with easy to interpret and verify as built conditions.

PointFuse Standard

PointFuse Standard is the perfect companion to an integrated BIM  co-ordination and collaboration workflow. By providing the means by which scanned data can be classified to recognised industry standards the reality capture data is used as an integrated part of  a digital decision making process. When design data is not available this 3D model output is used as the source data for remodelling and decommissioning processes as well as the source data for digital twins.

PointFuse Standard also contains all of the functionality of Revue where the classification process takes visualisation to the next stage by removing objects that are to be replaced or removed as part of a remodelling or decommissioning workflow so that the user can simulate change in packages such as Unity.

PointFuse Pro

PointFuse Pro is the perfect companion to SLAM based scanning technologies delivering LOD200 content for space and facilities management workflows. It removes the need for manual interpretation of the point cloud to generate IPMS standard floorplans and LOD200 representation of space in authoring software such as Autodesk Revit as parametized objects for walls, door windows, floors and ceilings.

PointFuse Pro also contains all of the functionality of standard where classified geometry can be merged with LOD200 content to generate a hybrid mesh/parametized object deliverable in software solutions such as Autodesk Revit