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Case Study

IBKS pushes the boundaries of scan-to-BIM with NavVis and PointFuse in a towering project

2022 | 3 min read

The firm tested its innovative NavVis and PointFuse workflow in a huge, complex healthcare facility – and succeeded beyond all expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • IBKS built a fast and accurate scan-to-BIM workflow around two powerful tools with low barriers to entry, NavVis VLX and PointFuse Pro
  • The team started delivering complex scan-to-BIM projects in the medical space almost immediately
  • Recently, IBKS took on a two-tower, 450,000-square-foot healthcare project in Los Angeles
  • With NavVis VLX, each 11-story tower took only 10 days to scan
  • With PointFuse Pro, each floor was prepared for Autodesk Revit in only 12 hours

Tall order

IBKS is a digital solutions and management consulting firm offering built-environment services in the healthcare space.

In 2022, IBKS landed a big scan-to-BIM project for a large medical complex on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood in Los Angeles. This site sprawls over 375,000 square feet — covering multiple medical suites and two 11-story towers. Including exterior elements, the sum balloons to over 450,000 square feet.

It was the biggest scan-to-BIM project undertaken by IBKS to date. It was also a huge test for the firm’s innovative scan-to-BIM workflow, which they had recently built around the NavVis VLX mobile scanner and PointFuse Pro software.

A big selling point for me is that NavVis and PointFuse already had a collaboration. That lent a degree of confidence that these tools would work together.

Spivey Lipsey, Digital Twin Solutions Lead IBKS

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