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WZMH Architects defines their reality capture policy using PointFuse

WZMH Architects is an established Canadian firm with a high affinity for technical advancement. They decided to make a move into laser scanning to be able to accurately capture as-built conditions. 

Whilst point clouds were identified as the best solution for this process, they were experiencing many challenges working with them, mainly down to the enormous size of the point cloud files.

This is where PointFuse came in – by converting the point cloud data into an intelligent mesh, the file sizes were reduced by around 90%, meaning that the information could be easily shared and worked on by all design team members. It also reduced workflows by around 30%, saving not only time but budget too. The final result was so successful, they have now made it a corporate policy to convert all point clouds using PointFuse Software.

Hear from Dennis Dixon, Senior BIM Manager at WZMH on how they came across the software, how it works across a typical BIM workflow, and how PointFuse has added a lot of portfolio value to their whole business.