Digital Construction

Classifying objects within Pointfuse, has had a huge impact on how as-built data is utilized within AEC software digital design processes. Being able to quickly classify and compare as-built objects with the design to run clash detection, reduces the number of false clashes being flagged.

Project collaborators with access to this up to date 'as-built' information can make better informed decisions and run more effective coordination and verification processes.
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Space Management

PointFuse new Space Creator leverages the core functionality of PointFuse - the segmented mesh model. It automatically converts classified walls, windows, doors and floors into ‘family’ groups, for use with popular downstream BIM and FM software. Data can then be exported as IFC (Industry Foundation Class) parameterized objects as well as 2D floor plans and space management reports. PointFuse Space Creator also automatically calculates quantities, areas and dimensions, producing them in an easy to read PDF report. PointFuse helps users redesign existing space with its easy to use Space Management Software.
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Virtual Design

PointFuse provides a simple process for non-specialists to automatically convert reality capture data into 3D mesh models that are optimized for virtual design workflows. The Pointfuse mesh models can be easily edited to remove noise like people and furniture through classification to generate and share virtual environments across organizations. Data courtesy of RealVisuals®
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Whatever your profession, with PointFuse your project workflow now begins with an intelligent 3D mesh model. PointFuse is widely used for those looking for AEC Software and can be used to generate workflow efficiencies for any business involved in converting lidar scanned data to 3D models:

Facility Design & Build
Archaeology & Cultural Heritage
Forensics VR
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality

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