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Master Concept & PointFuse launch strategic partnership

Master Concept & PointFuse launch strategic partnership to facilitate the digitization of the Building and Construction sectors across Asia

Asia Pacific Google Premier Partner, Master Concept announced the start of an exciting new partnership with leading reality capture meshing software solution, PointFuse, to enable the utilization of reality capture data to advance map development services across Asia. The partnership will provide a strong value add workflow solutions for customers across the building and construction sectors.     

Greater competitiveness, more agility in a dynamic environment

Given the strength of both companies’ offerings there are many opportunities for customers to gain great value in implementing PointFuse across their workflows. “We need stronger partnerships if we are to advance map development in Asia.

By creating an offering with PointFuse, we are providing unique value for our customers.” Derek Chan, Director and co-founder of Master Concept, comments.

The partnership provides a very strong opportunity for the building and construction industry, and offers particular benefits for the construction industry in Hong Kong, with its highly interwoven digital construction solutions and software; use of reality capture technology and the need to convert this data into easy to use formats.     

“Master Concept is one of the most established and respected mapping and cloud service providers in South East Asia and is an Asia Pacific Google Premier Partner,” commented Mark Senior, Business Director at PointFuse.

“Their presence in key major metropolitan markets makes them ideally placed to support clients as they implement PointFuse into working practices helping to realize the potential benefits of reality capture data.

Master concept plays a key role in the value chains. Together we are pursuing the goal of translating this joint expertise in the digitization of data by taking reality capture point clouds and converting  them to  segmented mesh data. In doing so, we hope to showcase and define a best practices for the industry that will enable the advantages of digital transformation to be realized for all.     

a screenshot of pointfuse showing a 3d model of a building in development

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The best way to understand the capabilities of PointFuse are to test it out on your own data. Register for a free 15-day free trial of the software, which provides unlimited access to mesh and BIM creation capabilities, 3 mesh exports and 3,000 sq ft of BIM export. To download your free trial enter your details here

Alternatively if you’re interested in more product or use case information, either one of the PointFuse technical team, or the Master Concept Map experts would be delighted to arrange a personalized demo to answer any of your questions. Contact us here