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An innovative point cloud meshing software solution that automatically converts l point clouds  of any scale or source to meshes quickly and accurately.

Accelerate time to decision by quickly converting any point cloud data into 3D models.

As scanner technology has developed, the number of points and fidelity of data contained within a source point cloud has expanded dramatically. Today, point clouds are typically very large data files containing useful measurement and survey data. Managing such large files can mean this data is very slow to work with and difficult to move around and collaborate with, but there is an alternative. If you use reality capture data as part of a decision-making process – whether that is visualization, scan-to-CAD, scan to plan or scan-to-BIM – then Pointfuse’s suite of mesh model software products is for you.

Reduce files sizes by up to 90%, reducing the burden on IT and opening up cloud collaboration and cloud project management solutions to your team

70% faster delivery of as-built models, saving time and money

Automated process that has been designed to be easy to use – little training required

Integrates seamlessly with most 3rd party software for downstream modelling

Reduces the reliance on outsourced modelling teams

Introducing segmented meshes

The more people that can access, view and understand the scan data, the better the return on investment from scanning. PointFuse was designed to streamline and enhance the creation of mesh models. Designed to enable all formats of point cloud data to be imported and intelligently converted into an industry standard or proprietary data structure that can be easily manipulated and accessed across project teams.

Export 2D floor plans, 3D BIM models and PDF building reports

Mapped to the standardised IFC scheme, PointFuse Space Creator exports 2D floor plans, 3D BIM models and PDF building reports that implement IPMS office conventions. This brings comprehensive reporting and easy integration to existing facility management operations and systems.

Analyse, manage and collaborate on photo realistic models

PointFuse mesh models are highly optimized, reducing the working data size a factor or up to 100%, making them significantly easier to use and share with online 3D collaboration portals, such as BIM 360, Revitzo, Procore, 3D Repo, and Trimble Connect when compared to the original point cloud. Visit the Autodesk BIM 360 page to find out.

Space Creator™ automatically creates parameterized BIM models

A semi-automatic scan to BIM solution, creating parameterized models quickly and easily. The Space Creator workflow accelerates the use of reality capture for space and facility management and lease survey workflows. Walls, windows and doors within the mesh are converted to simple BIM families without the need for a library of objects. All editing takes place within PointFuse itself so no plugins for third party software are required.

Unlimited point cloud conversion

PointFuse uses multi core processing to offer users a scaled solution for processing unlimited point clouds.

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Classify and add asset IDs to specific as-built objects quickly

The ability to classify objects within PointFuse has had a huge impact on how as-built is utilized within digital design workflows. Being able to quickly compare specific as-built objects with the design to run clash detection, reduces the number of false clashes being flagged, a key advantage of using as-built software.

IFC templates can be created and edited for specific applications like architectural, MEP and HVAC so that selected objects can be classified and mapped to ensure compatibility with BIM software. Individual asset ID’s can also be assigned to objects, helping identification and automation in asset management workflows.

Digital Twin capabilities to maximize performance

Increasing visibility and reliability through the simulation and control of an asset from its Digital Twin makes for an effective strategy to improve system performance. Reducing risks and lowering project costs.

Point cloud conversion made easy

You can choose from three versions of our PointFuse software: PointFuse ReVue, PointFuse Standard and PointFuse Pro.

PointFuse ReVue

Annual licence: $2,500.00

Optimized meshing for Visualization and VR

Optimized meshing produces high quality content at a fraction of the size of the source data without compromising the content

Provides you with high-quality textures enabling you to visualize and collaborate with your data quickly

Real world texturing and solid surfaces make the model ideal for use with game engines

Mesh models provide the ability to model with lighting as well as simulate collision particularly useful in VR applications

Provides accurate representation of onsite context

Select and delete unwanted objects such as vehicles and people

Multicore conversion for speed and scalability

Visualizing heritage assets that are traditionally difficult to model

Reality models enable clear visualization at the bidding stage of projects

PointFuse Standard

Annual licence: $6,250.00

Classified meshes for more intelligent data decisions

PointFuse Standard incorporates all the features of ReVue with tools to enhance PointFuse’s unique automatic segmented meshes, enabling easy object classification for workflows such as BIM coordination:

PointFuse classified mesh models replace some of the manual modeling of a point cloud into BIM, which is often a large cost and time delay on any refurbishment project

Our real-world texturing and solid surfaces make the mesh model easier to interpret than point cloud data
Simplifying your scan data to ensure it reaches the right people, in the right format at the right time to allow for better and more informed decision making
Meshes are smaller in size than the point cloud, which means they can be viewed and shared more easily via cloud collaboration platforms such as Autodesk Construction Cloud and Procore BIM
Classification and texture can be maintained on export into other construction software such as Autodesk, Navisworks and Revizto, to provide context of the whole project

Classified meshes highlight object-to-object clashes, which means fewer false positives and a more effective coordination process

PointFuse Pro

Annual licence: $8,750.00

Space Creator™ module: Delivering 2D and 3D models in hours

PointFuse Pro incorporate the innovative Space Creator™ module which enable you to automatically convert classified mesh walls, windows and doors into ‘family’ groups for use with popular downstream BIM software and FM software.

Efficient editing using simple CAD tools and automation

IFC standards adopted for BIM modelling

Outputs LOD200BIM, 2D floor plans and IPMS (office) building reports

Outputs LOD200BIM, 2D floor plans and IPMS (office) building reports

Reduces the reliance for outsourcing modelling

Semi-automated process that has been designed to be easy to use with little training required

Ideally suited to large-scale projects and SLAM based data capture technologies

PointFuse Team

Providing scaleability at a reduced cost

If you have multiple users who use PointFuse, a Team license is a cost-effective option. Team licenses can only be bought in addition to at least one active license for PointFuse Standard or Pro. Meshing functionality isn’t included in a Team license, but all editing functionality included in the mirrored full version is.

PointFuse ReVue
PointFuse Standard
PointFuse Pro
Product Feature

Who is it for?


Reality capture users dependent on as-built information for project delivery


Reality capture users dependent on as-built information for project delivery


Users wanting to scale project efficiencies across the team. Full editing functionlity at a lower cost.


Users looking to deliver Scan-2-Plan and Scan-2-BIM project deliverables with Space Creator.


Users wanting to scale project efficiencies across the team. Full editing & export functionlity at a lower cost.

Import point cloud

Multicore conversion from point cloud to mesh

Mesh classification

Space Creator™ module

Space Creator™ export

Annual subscription

Monthly subscription

*Team license only available where at least one active license of PointFuse Standard or Pro is held

PointFuse powered by JetStream

PointFuse Powered by JetStream has been developed in partnership with Leica Geosystems for users of Leica’s 3D laser scanning technology who wish to leverage Leica’s JetStream ecosystem. Annual subscriptions are available for both the Standard and Pro versions. PointFuse powered by JetStream works with LGS files enabling you to instantly view and use scanned data, without having to import it first.

In addition, Leica’s infield geo-tagging solution, currently available with the RTC360, facilitates the auto classification of PointFuse meshes from geo-tagged scanned data, thus reducing the time to classify and removes the subjective interpretation of objects that are difficult to identify solely from the scanned data in the modelling process.

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