One software, Multiple Uses


Plan and map 2D and 3D spaces

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Create as-built models for digital twins

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Model accurate site conditions for coordination and verification

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Build interactive VR content using game engines

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Find out more about identifying clashes before your team arrives on site

use aec software to Identify clashes before your team Arrives on site

Convert reality capture data into classified models comparable with existing design data. Use in the automated clash-detection routines of your 3D coordination and AEC software to produce clash reports for specific construction elements. By making reality capture data easier to work with, scans can be imported into your digital construction software regularly to ensure progress remains on track and to run much more comprehensive clash detection. 

Find out more about how to accurately plan and measure spaces using point cloud data

ACCURATELY PLAN AND MEASURE SPACES. Convert your point cloud data into 3d models for use in space management software

Capture the exact shape and dimensions of a space and manipulate and categorize parts of a floorpan into BIM LOD200, enabling you to make informed space management decisions. PointFuse’s floorplan measuring software outputs are compatible with international property management standards and with industry standard space management software. 3D objects can be used by a variety of floor plan software packages to give a complete picture of your facilities. 

Find out more on how to manipulate models to create your own virtual world

Manipulate models to create your own virtual world

Use PointFuse to bring your reality capture data into your virtual world by streamlining input and modelling as-built data into virtual design software and game engines such as Unity® and Unreal®.

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